Get Involved

STLBRW is all about getting people excited about dining out and giving exposure to black-owned restaurants and food service providers

— Frank Williamson III., Founder

How does this work?

Participating restaurants, food trucks and other  food service providers create StLBRW-themed special for the event. This could be an individual item or meal deal. We recommend a price point around $30.

Menus will need to be submitted after opting in.. 

What do participating restaurants receive?

-STLBRW participants will receive logo placement on the official STLBRW site and social media marketing via paid advertising on Facebook and Instagram

-A partnership forged with St. Louis Elite to assist with email marketing campaign.

-Features on local news and radio and in print outlets

-Promotional videos and pictures to help bring awareness to the event and each participant’s business. 

How do participants buy in?

Each participating restaurant or food vendor pays a participation fee.

When STLBRW ends,  5% of gross profits from the event will go to the Urban League food pantry. 


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